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Step 2: Gain experience on real campaigns

In the second step of the Change Corps program, you’ll work directly with groups like Planned Parenthood, Everytown for Gun Safety or Mi Familia Vota on their campaigns to defend women’s health, reduce gun violence or bring more people into our democracy.

Working with these groups, you’ll learn how to make the right case, be strategic when we organize and do what it takes to win campaigns. This won't be an afternoon webinar or a weekend retreat—we’re looking for serious organizers who want to make a career out of winning positive social change. And when you finish, you'll know how to organize people to win change on the issues you care about.

Here’s a list of groups and campaigns that we’ve worked on in the past:

  • Planned Parenthood: Change Corps partnered with Planned Parenthood on the Summer of Defiance campaign, where our organizers went to key states and districts to beat back congressional attempts to defund the group as part of the health care bill.
  • Everytown for Gun Safety: Organizers worked to pass commonsense gun safety laws in Oregon, Nevada and Ohio.
  • MoveOn.org Political Action: We worked in 2014 on a Save the Senate campaign. Organizers ran phonebanking offices around the country to mobilize more than 1,000 volunteers to generate 1.5 million get-out-the-vote phone calls to voters in swing states.
  • National Education Association: Organizers worked on the Degrees Not Debt Campaign to make college more affordable. We worked on college campuses in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona.
  • StrongerUS Education Fund: We worked to turn out thousands of Virginians to vote in the statewide elections utilizing cutting-edge canvassing tactics.
  • Toxics Action Center: Organizers worked in the community of Bridgeport, Conn., to build local support from faith-based communities, non-profits and citizens to close down the last remaining coal-fired power plant in Connecticut.
  • TexPIRG: We reached out to more than 500,000 young people in Texas about affordable heath care, utilizing digital media, on-campus visibility tactics and press conferences.
  • Democracy for America: Organizers worked in 2015 to turn out voters and elect progressive candidates in Chicago municipal races.

Learn more about Change Corps

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Change Corps is dedicated to the idea that ordinary people have tremendous power to change our world for the better, but only if they’re inspired, energized, and organized. That’s what organizers do, and Change Corps teaches them how.

Jon Carson, former Executive Director, Organizing for Action; National Field Director, Obama for President 2008