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We want change. We want a more equal and democratic America; a greener America that doesn’t let ideology blind us to science; and one that respects our freedom as individuals while realizing that we’re all in this together. Yet, too often we see change stuck on so many of the issues that we care about.

That’s where Change Corps comes in. Change Corps is a training academy for activists—a one-year, paid, full-time, full-immersion training program in grassroots organizing that will give you the skills you need to make a difference on issues our generation cares about. Learn More

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Our program

Change Corps organizers spend the year working on three to five campaigns across the country, on issues from gun violence to women’s health.

When your training is complete, you’re ready for a social change job with real responsibility, and we’ll help place you into leading organizations and campaigns.

With Change Corps, you learn to plan and run campaigns, organize citizen meetings, build coalitions, hold press conferences, and more.

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Why we have to organize

If we want positive change in America, we have to organize it.

Depending on the issue, we might have to overcome the gun lobby, or anti-birth control extremists, or a dysfunctional Congress. Whoever is standing in the way, winning means making a smarter case for change, organizing more strategically for it, and working harder for it.

That’s why this isn’t an afternoon webinar or a weekend retreat or an unpaid internship. It’s a paid, one-year, full-immersion program in grassroots organizing. When you finish, you’ll join a wave of new organizers who will keep pushing and prodding our country forward for years to come.

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Our leaders and trainers

Change Corps was founded by Douglas Phelps and David Rossini, as well as alumni of The Public Interest Network. Executive Director Ryan Doyle brings years of experience working to train young organizers with Green Corps, a field school for environmental organizing, as well as successfully leading field campaigns for partner organizations. Change Corps organizers will also learn from some of the nation’s top social change leaders—people like Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, or Bill McKibben, Senior Advisor & Co-Founder of

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You don't know what you want to do with your career. You only know that you want to change the world and you have the vague sense that organizing is the right way to do it. Change Corps was founded for you.

Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America